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Juliette C. Okeke

aboutpicJuliette Okeke is a certified Image and Etiquette Consultant with trans- continental experience, global exposure and multi cultural skills gained from different parts of Europe and North America.

She attended Finishing Schools in UK and USA. Juliette is a graduate of Gloria Star Modern Day Finishing School Coaching and Consulting Apprenticeship Training.

She holds a Certificate in Etiquette and Manners, and Image and Style.

She is also a Trained and Licensed Emily Post Business Etiquette Coach. She is a dynamic coach and possesses good people skills.

Julliette was formally presented as a French graduate in 1992. She has since worked in the banking, Image and Interior Decorating industries


Emem Opashi

Emem Opashi is a professional Educator and communication expert with a passion for creative applications and methodologies. She has core competences in creating and developing bespoke instructional materials to suit any curriculum.

With over 13 years experience as a training consultant, she is highly sought after for her rare ability to design very lively training activities that participants find enjoyable even as they learn.

She holds a Bachelor of science in Psychology, Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management(EDC), MSc in Educational Leadership in view,(2013).

Ezinne Njoku

Ezinne Njoku holds a bachelors degree in Economics. She is a chartered Economist (ICEN) and Banker with over 12 years experience. She is a skilled marketer and sales expert. In the course of her banking career, she had taken up roles in commercial, investment and public sector banking where she discharged her duties creditably.

Ezinne is a formidable team player, and a natural leader who understands that the worth of a business leans more on its people content. She also serves on the board of other companies such as Virtual School Nigeria and Novedon Ventures Nigeria

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